Pediatrics Los Angeles Medical Center - Wellness

Kaiser Permanente is a champion of wellness and is dedicated to keeping its physicians, staff, and trainees well in body, mind, and spirit. In particular, the Pediatrics Department has enjoyed the benefit of having the hospital-wide wellness champion as our program director. Under her guidance, we have cultivated a culture that emphasizes easy access to the resources that keep us happy and healthy.

Personal Care Days

Twice annually, residents are excused for one half-day to catch up on personal obligations and health-related appointments to maintain a “practice-what-you-preach” environment.

Flexible Vacation Days & Weekend Days Off

We have four weeks of vacation per year, and instead of pre-arranged blocks, our vacation days are flexible. During outpatient or elective rotations, we can choose to take single or combined days off, allowing maximum flexibility to ensure we can make the most of important non-residency life events! In addition, our night float system allows us to combine all of our overnight shifts into a string of 4 to 6 days, which means we always have our days off on Saturdays or Sundays. As an added bonus, during most elective rotations and outpatient clinic rotations, we have “golden weekends”. 

Wards Lunch and Wellness Events

Once or twice per month, noon conference lectures are deferred in favor of a free lunch period or organized event to help residents decompress and release the stresses of a demanding career in medicine. Events include interdepartmental painting sessions with housestaff from the Family Medicine Residency Program, yoga, salsa dancing, cookie-decorating, and pumpkin-carving.

Intern Welcome Party

Our interns are welcomed to the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles pediatrics family with a lunchtime barbeque event attended by senior residents, program leadership, and general pediatrics and subspecialist attendings. By developing open and respectful relationships outside of the clinical setting which are then translated to the work environment, we cultivate a collegial and warm learning environment for both novice and seasoned learners.

Resident Retreat

Our resident retreat is held annually at various locations in the Southern California region with a common theme of team building and professional camaraderie mixed in with some fun in the sun. Volunteer attendings cover the inpatient units while all three classes of residents enjoy two days and one night of organized wellness activities and unplanned shenanigans.

Annual Holiday Party

Annually during the winter season, the Pediatrics Department (including housestaff, faculty, nurses, and support staff) trades in clinical attire to dress to the nines and celebrate together at the annual Holiday Party. Premier faculty who have dedicated years of service to patients and resident education are often featured as an act of appreciation before they retire, speaking to the legacy of community and mentorship that Kaiser promotes as an organization.

Physician Gym

Located on campus, the physician gym boasts a collection of treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, pilates mats, and yoga balls and is accessible to KP physicians and residents 24/7.