Pediatrics Los Angeles Medical Center - Highlights

Top Reasons to Train at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

The Pediatric Care Center at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center is a member of the Children’s Hospital Association. We take pride in providing top-rated care to over 4.6 million members throughout the Southern California region. We are the premier, non-profit, integrated HMO healthcare system in the nation, and as a high-volume pediatric hospital, we serve as the primary center of care for the uniquely diverse pediatric population of greater Los Angeles including metropolitan Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, and dozens of surrounding neighborhoods. Our residents receive excellent, comprehensive training in primary care with an emphasis on preventative health and a systems-based approach to modern healthcare. In addition, as a tertiary care center with a large catchment area, ranging from Bakersfield to San Diego, we also have the privilege to provide complex pediatric subspecialist & surgical care extending throughout Southern California and ensuring a broad range of clinical exposure throughout residency training.  

Continuity of Care Residents expand their continuity clinic panel throughout training, forming relationships with their patients and families beginning in the nursery through early childhood. As a resident, you are the primary doctor for your patient across all settings including in-person clinic visits as well as telemedicine forums.

Pediatric SubspecialtiesThe Los Angeles Medical Center is the main tertiary hospital in the Kaiser Permanente Southern California network and serves as the regional center for complex pediatric patients requiring subspecialist and surgical services. This allows for greater breadth of pathologies and a wide variety of electives through which trainees can choose to rotate, which translates to graduating residents who are well-trained in the management of both common pediatric diseases and rare disorders. 

Night Float – We use a dedicated team of night float residents in place of the traditional call system, which means no 24 nor 28-hour shifts. We believe this system better replicates the real-world schedule of practicing hospitalists, intensivists, neonatologists, and pediatric emergency physicians. 

Community – The Kaiser LAMC Pediatric Residency Program is a small but tight-knit group of energetic residents & attendings eager to provide the highest quality of care to their patients. You are a member of the team starting on day 1 of internship, and your feedback and contributions are always valued. 

Technology – Our robust, state-of-the-art electronic medical records system is linked across ambulatory and hospital services, which streamlines patient care and enhances communication between our healthcare teams. Kaiser iPhones are also distributed to all residency trainees and enable our physicians to communicate with each other in real time via HIPAA-compliant texting, remotely access charts, place orders, view imaging, upload clinical photos, & securely share patient information. Our patients also enjoy improved ease of access with a wide variety of telehealth options available to them including telephone and video visits.

Mentorship – program size enables residents to work closely and directly with their attendings, enabling small group learners to thrive and fostering opportunities to develop relationships with lifelong mentors in pediatrics. Residents have both inpatient and outpatient mentors who they work closely with during their three years of training. 

Wellness – We have a comprehensive top-down approach to wellness that begins with our program director, the wellness champion for KP GME throughout the Southern California Region and extends to the committee of residents dedicated to the wellbeing of all Kaiser Permanente housestaff with monthly wellness lunch sessions/curricula, professionalism seminars, annual retreats, and much more. Our program structure allows for 4 full weeks of vacation yearly with the ability to take off single days or multiple weeks at a time. We are also allotted 2 half days per year to take care of personal appointments and have an on-site gym that is open 24/7 to physicians. 

Flexibility – We are committed to continuous improvement, and with 24 residents in our program, we have the unique ability to implement larger scale changes more readily. As such, there are multiple venues through which residents give feedback about the program, and changes are made on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

Career – Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s oldest and most stable non-profit HMO and is widely considered the gold standard of managed care. Our graduates become well-trained pediatricians dedicated to clinical excellence with a unique understanding of effective systems-based healthcare delivery, and many (50%) continue to practice medicine within KP after graduating residency or returning from fellowship. Come join the wide-spanning professional network of Kaiser Permanente physicians!