Global Health Program

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Global Health Program.

This site offers electives and educational opportunities abroad for our Southern California resident physicians. We hope to ignite your passion for underserved care whether locally or internationally. Our program offers options through our affiliated programs, partnered medical trips and resident designed electives. Some of our past electives have included sites in Jamaica, Peru, Thailand, Fiji, Philippines, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Mexico. We believe these experiences will broaden your medical knowledge and clinical skills and increase your insight into how other countries address the need for affordable and accessible health care. Do you desire to share your medical talents with those in remote and impoverished communities who are often forgotten? Do you want to hone your clinical examination skills? Do you enjoy volunteering, traveling, and exploring new cultures? Then take the road less traveled and contact us to get involved.


Dennis Andrade MD
Global Health Program Co-Director

Bruno Lewin MD
Global Health Program Co-Director

Mission Statement

Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Global Health Program was founded in 2014 to promote interest and active participation in the global health care arena.

  • The Global Health Program strives to enhance the awareness of medical issues and needs throughout the world, especially among underserved populations, and to facilitate the direct involvement of Kaiser Permanente resident physicians in addressing those concerns.
  • The Global Health Program seeks to help Kaiser Permanente resident physicians gain a perspective on the special challenges of providing exceptional medical care across cultural boundaries, both at home and abroad.
  • The Global Health Program aims to bring an increased familiarity and appreciation of the human condition around the world to the Kaiser Permanente community and its future physicians.