We are an academic department that serves those with advanced illness, frailty, or advanced age in multiple settings through interdisciplinary, team-based care.

The Kaiser Permanente Palliative Medicine Fellowship is a one year academic program open to all physician graduates of an ACGME-accredited residency. We consider candidates from internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, neurology, anesthesia, psychiatry, pediatrics, physical medicine & rehabilitation and radiology.

We have a rich history in this subspecialty. Our department has run a hospice agency since 1978, with additional palliative services added throughout the decades. Kaiser Permanente is home to the renowned Home-Based Palliative Care program that has been referenced as a best practice at the national and international level.

Our fellowship received a five-year accreditation from ACGME, the highest level possible. We began accepting fellows in 2009.