Geriatric Medicine Los Angeles Medical Center

The mission of our academic department is to train competent, ethical, humanistic, resilient geriatricians with a commitment to evidence-based medicine, high-quality care, innovation, and life-long learning so that they can serve the heterogeneous elderly population in all settings.

Kaiser Permanente is among the nation’s largest and most highly regarded health care delivery organizations. One in four insured Californians belongs to the Kaiser Permanente Health Plan. As a member of our Fellowship program, you will learn to practice comprehensive, evidence-based, cost-effective medical care delivered in a humanistic, compassionate manner – an approach indispensable to providing health care in all future settings.

The Geriatric Medicine Fellowship program at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC) received initial accreditation on May 20, 1991. We offer a large medical campus that functions both as a community health center for the local population as well as a tertiary care facility for Kaiser Permanente of Southern California. The program is built around the concepts of innovation, high quality, patient-centered, responsive, systems-based care with an emphasis on life-long learning. You will enjoy direct patient care responsibilities, a large, ethnically diverse patient base, and a research division devoted entirely to resident physician projects.

Our program is situated in a great metropolitan area with an ample elderly population representing the full gamut of geriatric syndromes, chronic medical illnesses, educational, ethnic, and socioeconomic strata. We welcome both Family Medicine and Internal Medicine applicants who have graduated from an ACGME/AOA accredited residency. We are proud to offer a longitudinal curriculum focused on year-long training in all the core geriatric areas. We have a strong focus on palliative medicine, scholarly activities, and wellness. As a fellow you will have unparalleled continuity of care  that is rarely seen in other medical systems. Our faculty are enthusiastic and supportive, fostering an atmosphere of inquiry, blameless learning, and adequate supervision, all while maintaining the autonomy and independence of our adult learners. Our fellows feel like a junior colleagues within our family-like department. In addition, Kaiser Permanente LAMC offers over 20 other residency and fellowship programs that provide a stimulating interaction and exchange among fellow residents and faculty physicians.