Kaiser Permanente is among the nation’s largest and most highly regarded health care delivery organizations. One in four insured Californians belongs to the Kaiser Permanente Health Plan. As a member of our Fellowship program, you will learn to practice cost-effective, compassionate medical care — an approach indispensable to providing health care in all future settings.

The Geriatric Fellowship program at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center received initial accreditation on May 20, 1991. Our program is currently accredited until 2020. We offer a large medical campus that functions both as a community health center for the local population and as a tertiary care facility for Kaiser Permanente of Southern California. The program is built around the concepts of comprehensive, cost-effective and family-oriented primary care. You’ll also enjoy direct patient responsibility, a large, ethnically diverse patient base, and a research division devoted entirely to resident projects.

Our program is unique in that it is situated in a great metropolitan area with an ample elderly population representing the full gamut of geriatric syndromes, chronic medical illnesses, education, ethnic, and socioeconomic strata. As a fellow you will have a degree of continuity of care not often seen in other medical systems. In addition, the Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC) offers over 20 other residency and fellowship programs that provides a stimulating interaction and exchange among fellow residents.