KPSC Graduate Medical Education Research Program

Mission and Vision Statement  

To foster a climate of inquiry, innovation, knowledge-creation, and appreciation for scholarly work among trainees and faculty affiliated with KPSC’s graduate medical education programs.

To empower individuals who are interested in conducting research or developing research skills to conduct or participate in research projects, to successfully complete these projects and to disseminate their results to others, inside and outside of KPSC.


  1. To support research literacy among residents & fellows so they can apply high quality medical research to clinical practice
  2. To support residents, fellows or faculty members who wish to conduct research to implement studies and share their work with others

There are many exciting opportunities for residents and fellows to develop research skills, to get involved in research projects and to share study findings at their medical centers and beyond!


Resident research improves patient care


Residents, fellows and faculty have opportunities to present on scholarly projects at KP Medical Center Research Fairs.

Los Angeles Medical Center, 2019

San Bernardino County Medical Center, 2019

San Diego Medical Center, 2019

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