Ortho Sports Medicine San Diego Medical Center

The Kaiser Permanente San Diego Knee and Sports Medicine Research Fellowship is an ACGME accredited, evidence-based clinical and research fellowship program.

The curriculum is designed to instruct fellows on the advanced care of patients with sports-related disorders of the knee and shoulder. We accept up to 2 fellows each year.

The program offers fellows advanced instruction in surgery of the shoulder and knee—two areas that are core to the fellows’ experience. Fellows in this program are exposed to the full spectrum of cutting-edge techniques in the diagnosis and management of injuries of the shoulder and knee. In the knee, this includes techniques for repair and reconstruction of articular cartilage defects, meniscus, ligament and tendon injuries, as well as advanced techniques for reconstruction of the extensor mechanism. In the shoulder, we strive to achieve a well-balanced approach utilizing both open and arthroscopic techniques for the repair and reconstruction of soft tissue injuries and fractures of the shoulder girdle.

The fellowship derives its strength and direction from scholarly collaboration between faculty and fellows. As a fellow, you will have regular access to faculty without the need for individual rotations. This allows for a more representative, diverse experience as well as the ability to participate in the full course of patient care from initial assessment to treatment plan, surgery, rehabilitation, and return to sport. The progression of autonomy in clinical and operative care for each fellow is determined jointly by faculty and the fellow as the year progresses, with advancement as deemed appropriate based on each fellow’s capabilities.

The highest standards of ethical and professional conduct are expected of every person involved in this fellowship. Fellows are required to take the Sports medicine in-training examination.