Surgery Los Angeles Medical Center - Research

The Faculty within the Department of Surgery at Los Angeles Medical Center have been trained and educated in a diverse range of University Training Programs, Major Clinic Programs, and Health Care Programs. The wide variety of clinical cases in combination with a high case volume have resulted in a rich and diverse clinical database within the Kaiser Permanente Health Care System which can be utilized for clinical research and quality improvement projects. Residents are able to apply for internal research funding anytime of the year. This improves access to funding as well as minimizing conflict with clinical duties. In addition, our faculty are involved in many ongoing multi-center clinical trials which further exposes our residents to higher level clinical research and collaboration. Our general surgery residents are encouraged to complete at least two research or quality improvement projects during their training, and most residents have completed more than two projects before graduation. The volume of their publications, presentations and contributions to the surgical literature is even more impressive given that they are always clinically active without isolated research/laboratory time.

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