Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Los Angeles Medical Center - Curriculum

The Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (PCCM) fellowship training spans over 36 months, with at least 28 required clinical rotations, of which 11 are ICU-based, while another 11 are pulmonary-based, with the remaining 6 being procedure/physiology-focused.  There is time built-in for elective experiences as well as research.  The fellows will spend approximately 70% of their clinical time at LAMC, the primary training site.  The remaining time will be spent at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC).

Clinical Rotations:

LAMC Rotations:

  • Medical ICU
  • Pulmonary Consult
  • Bronchoscopy/Respiratory Physiology
  • Ambulatory Pulmonary Medicine (including Transplant, PH, CF, Sleep and ALS clinics)
  • Neuro ICU
  • Cardiothoracic ICU

CSMC Rotations:

  • Medical ICU
  • Pulmonary Consult/Pulmonary Vascular Disease
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Lung Transplant

Other Rotations:

  • Electives (Chest Radiology, Cardiac Echocardiography, Anesthesia, Thoracic Surgery, Palliative Care, Allergy Medicine, Sleep Medicine)
  • Research
  • Simulation Training


The fellowship conducts following regularly-scheduled conferences:

  • Didactic lectures in pulmonary, critical care or sleep medicine topics, weekly
  • Thoracic Tumor Board, weekly
  • Chest Conference, weekly
  • PCCM Journal Club, monthly
  • Allergy-Pulmonary Conference, monthly
  • Physiology conference, monthly
  • IM/CCM Case Conference, monthly
  • Pathology Conference, monthly
  • Morbidity and mortality conference, monthly
  • Neuro-Critical Care Journal Club, bimonthly
  • Research Conference, quarterly
  • Board Review, monthly
  • Central line insertions

Expected Procedural Competency:

  • Bronchoscopy (including EBUS, navigational bronchoscopy, transbronchial/endobronchial biopsy, laser surgery, balloon dilatation and airway stent placement)
  • Chest tube placement (including indwelling pleural catheters)
  • Dilatational tracheostomy
  • Endotracheal intubation