Serving The Community

We are committed to building partnerships with the institutions that serve on the front lines of health care for the uninsured and underserved.

By providing support to community health centers, public hospitals, and local health departments, we help them deliver medical care to the people in our communities.

Kaiser Permanente doctors also provide hundreds of clinical hours delivering medical care in specialty areas such as primary care, podiatry and radiology. Most importantly, we partner with community health centers, public hospitals, and other organizations on the front line of medical care to assure the highest quality care for our most vulnerable populations.

At Kaiser Permanente, we have a social mission to transform health care in our communities, mainly by:

  • Providing access to affordable, high quality health care services;
  • Improving the health status of members and the community we serve;
  • Discovering and sharing new, innovative, effective ways to organize and deliver care and to prepare future health care professionals for practice.

To demonstrate this commitment to serving our communities, Kaiser Permanente has launched, sponsored, and/or participated in the following programs and initiatives: