The Kaiser Permanente Psychiatry residency program places special consideration upon resident education in the classroom setting. One half-day per week is allocated to resident lectures and this time is firmly protected. Residents are not responsible for any clinical duties during lectures. Furthermore, every attempt is made to have little to no call the night before lectures so that residents have had ample opportunity to prepare for their lectures and to be rested. Lecturers with knowledge specific to the topic at hand are brought in from the community, nearby residencies, and from our own faculty. Lecture series are divided by PGY year and are chosen based upon the applicability to current clinical settings that residents are rotating in as well as to current level of knowledge.

Lecture series for the PGY-1 year include:
• The basics of Neurology
• The basics of Psychopharmacology
• DSM5 criteria
• Child and Adolescent Development
• Psychosomatics
• Research Literacy

Lecture series for the PGY-2 and PGY-3-year build upon this knowledge by offering courses in:
• Advanced Neurology
• Advanced Psychopharmacology
• Literature Review
• Addictions
• Geriatric Psychiatry
• Courses specific to different therapeutic modalities are also offered (i.e. Cognitive Behavioral, Supportive, Group, etc.)

Lecture series for the PGY-4 year continue to hone the Resident’s skills with continued lectures on above topics but also introduce more specialized topics such as:
• Cross-cultural Psychiatry and Spirituality
• Specific focus is given to helping Residents prepare for the transition to being independent clinicians with courses that help to develop and refine Curriculum Vitae’s, interviewing skills, and an understanding of different practice environments

Sample Block Schedule


PGY -1 PGY – 2
July Internal Medicine Adult Inpatient
August Neurology Consult Liaison
September Emergency Medicine Adult Inpatient
October Internal Medicine Child & Adolescent Inpatient
November Neurology Adult Inpatient
December Family Medicine/Pediatrics Geriatrics Inpatient
January Adult Inpatient Chemical Dependency
February Geriatrics Inpatient Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
March Adult Inpatient Geriatrics Inpatient – Loma Linda
April Adult Inpatient Consult – Liaison
May Adult Inpatient – Loma Linda Crisis Stabilization Unit – ARMC
June Adult Inpatient Forensic Inpatient



Monday Groups/Postpartum Adult KP Clinic
Tuesday Geriatric/County Clinic/TMS Adult KP Clinic
Wednesday Adult KP Clinic Adolescent KP Clinic
Thursday Psychotherapy Supervision Didactics
Friday Adult KP Clinic Psychotherapy KP Clinic


Monday-Friday Electives/Adult KP Clinic Electives/Adult KP Clinic

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