Interventional Radiology Los Angeles Medical Center - Curriculum

Curriculum And Clinical Experiences


Our Integrated IR resident will do their general surgery internship here at LAMC. During that year you will have one month of interventional radiology, one month of Vascular surgery, two months of Surgical Oncology, one month of Thoracic surgery, one month of Pediatric surgery, one month of colorectal surgery, two months of acute care surgery, a month of minimally invasive surgery and one month of medical intensive care unit (MICU).

PGY 2-4

We feel that early integration of VIR rotations as well as dedicated clinic time and a variety of other rotations are paramount to becoming a comprehensive clinical interventional physician. [During their PGY2 year residents will rotate in the medical intensive care unit as well as participate in weekend interventional radiology call so that they may expand their clinical and technical experience.   We feel that the ICU is the best environment to learn as you will be dealing with the most ill and acute medical conditions.  At the end of PGY 2 year residents will do 2 months of back to back interventional radiology.  During the PGY3 year residents will have 1 month of intensive care in the cardiac unit(CCU) and 2 months of vascular and interventional radiology.  At the very beginning of PGY4, the VIR  integrated residents do 2 months of vascular and interventional radiology.   Thus they will complete a total of 8 months of vascular and interventional radiology and clinical rotations during the PGY2 through 4 years which is nearly three times as much VIR training as most programs.

PGY 5 year

Residents will get 2 more months of neuro-interventional radiology, 1 to 2 months of vascular surgery and 2 more months of intensive care medicine.  The remainder of the year will be interventional radiology intermixed with one month of mammography and one month of nuclear medicine.

PGY 6 year

The final year will be primarily on the vascular and interventional radiology service with some options for elective time on clinical rotations including international electives.