Program Objective

The Research Track within the Internal Medicine Categorical Training Program seeks to enhance the practice of evidence-based medicine by developing physicians who are experienced in designing, executing, presenting, and interpreting impactful research.


Program Description

At the beginning of internship, participants will engage in an interactive curriculum which will familiarize them with research design and relevant epidemiological methods. Additionally, they will receive instruction and guidance on seeking funding for their research and institutional review board approval.  With the assistance of dedicated mentors, participants will apply lessons learned in the initial curriculum by implementing and completing all these phases of study planning by the end of their intern year.

In the second year, participants will engage in data collection and analysis under the tutelage of a faculty mentor.  They will have the opportunity to present preliminary findings at the Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center’s Resident Research Week, which occurs at the end of the academic year.  During this year, they will also participate in a longitudinal curriculum that allows participants a deeper understanding in biostatistical methods of their choosing.

In the third year, participants will complete data analysis, prepare a manuscript of their findings for submission to a peer-reviewed journal, and submit an abstract on their research to a national or regional conference.  The third year curriculum will feature topics related to abstract, manuscript, poster and oral presentations.

Participants will share their experience and expertise with other categorical residents.


Time Commitment

Participants will use one or two of their elective blocks, throughout the second and third years, as protected research time.  In addition to the initial curriculum, there will be a longitudinal curriculum consisting of writing and presentation workshops, research roundtables, and dedicated journal clubs.  Participants will interface with MPH residents in a monthly journal club.


Application Process 

The Research Track will accommodate one participant per intern class. This position will be offered to a candidate who has demonstrated commitment to research during their undergraduate and / or medical education, and is motivated to continue research throughout residency.

Interested candidates may apply to this program through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP).  If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Kristen Ironside at