Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center is a progressive facility with modern imaging modalities, including MRI and PET, a large Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as well as Labor and Delivery and recovery rooms for family-centered obstetrical care. The 50-physician Family Medicine Department – the largest hospital department -mirrors the medical center physicians-at-large with its depth of experience, breadth of skill, and desire to teach. Family Medicine is the only residency training program at the medical center.

The Kaiser Riverside Medical Center, a medium- sized community hospital serving 230,000 patients, provides an ideal learning environment for primary care as well as treatment of unusual conditions. Our patient population includes working adults and families, and seniors from varied social-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our fully accredited hospital has excellent administrative, nursing and ancillary services which support the Residency Program.

The Family Practice Center includes offices for 18 residents and 4 core faculty, procedure rooms and a small library. Each resident has a computer with on-line references (MD Consult, STAT Ref., etc.). All rotations are on site.