Matthew Silver, MD, FACEP
Residency Program Director

Residency Training: Jacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine
Clinical Interests: Technology/Web Development, Patient Safety, Skiing (on the West Coast), Mountain Biking, Living vicariously through his two little ones.

William Krauss, MD, FACEP
Assistant Program Director

Residency Training: Brigham and Women's Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR)
Clinical Interests: Acute Pain Management, Surfing, Swimming, Fishing, Enjoying Southern California with my wife and kids

Jonathan Kei, MD, MPH, FACEP
Assistant Program Director
Director of Airway Management

Residency Training: UC Davis Emergency Medicine
Clinical Interests: Airway management, resuscitation, public health/epidemiology, golf, fly fishing, photography.

Adam Schwartz, MD, MS
Chief/Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine

Residency Training: Maricopa Emergency Medicine
Clinical Interests: Management of Clinical Information--Big Data, ED operations, Low-risk chest pain, Basketball, Tennis, Fitness, All things 'water', Modern architecture, Cars, Taking care of my 100 pound puppy 'Gus'

Donald Mebust, MD
Clerkship Director

Medical School: UCLA Emergency Medicine
Clinical Interests: Medical education, Hiking, Surfing, Softball, Jogging and raising my family

Clifford Swap, MD, MS
Research Director

Residency Training: Brigham and Women's Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR)
Clinical Interests: Neuroimaging, ACS diagnostics, golf, piano

Jeff Lapoint, DO
Director of Medical Toxicology

Residency Training: SUNY Upstate Medical University, Department of Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Training: Toxicology, NYC Poison Control Center/Bellevue
Clinical Interests: Technology in medical education, emerging drugs of abuse, envenomations, surfing, and photography.

Dasia Esener, MD, MS
Ultrasound Faculty

Residency Training: Baystate Medical Center Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Training: Emergency Ultrasound, Baystate Medical Center
Clinical Interests: I love teaching integration of ultrasound in general emergency medicine practice. Outside of the ER, I am hanging out with my dogs (4 rescued Boston Terriers to be exact) and my awesome husband, Matt. I also love running on the beach and, when I can get away, traveling.

Randall Young, MD, MMM, FACEP, FAAEM

Residency Training: Washington University St. Louis Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Training: Admin Fellowship, EMA/LAC+USC Medical Center/Marshall School of Business
Clinical Interests: Emergency Operations, Disaster Management, Standards of Practice, XBox 360, Mountain Biking and Learning to Surf

Charles Chiang, MD
Co-EM Medical Director Simulation Labs, SCPMG Regional ED Coding Champion

Residency Training: USC/LA County Emergency Medicine
Clinical Interests: Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Hyperrealistic Simulation, Resident Finance, Family, Volleyball.

Teaching Faculty

  • Eric Abrams, MD (Ultrasound Fellowship Co-Director)
  • Mette Adkisson, MD
  • Steve Aguilar, MD (Sim, Resuscitation)
  • Nicholas Aldridge, MD
  • Cesar Avila, MD
  • Paulo Berger, MD
  • Eduardo Borquez, MD
  • Kyle Brodmann, MD
  • Joe Bradley, DO
  • Sonia Callejas, MD
  • Quetzalsol F. Chacon-Lopez MD, MPH (Ringside MD, Diversity Cmte)
  • Alison Celis, MD
  • Ian Chong, MD
  • Jenny Chua-Tuan, MD, MBA (Assistant Chief, Diversity Cmte)
  • Charles Chiang, MD (Co-Simulation Lead, Health Connect)
  • Kathy Cooper, DO (Toxicology)
  • Tina McGovern, MD (Global Health)
  • Rebecca Deross, MD
  • Stephanie Diebold, MD (Assistant Clerkship Director
  • Paul Dohrenwend, MD (Assistant Chief)
  • John Edwards, MD (Assistant Chief)
  • Dasia Esener, MD, MS (US Fellowship Director)
  • Jacob Gessin, MD
  • Robert Husband, DO
  • Wender Hwang, MD
  • Deana Kantartzis, MD
  • Jonathan Kei, MD, MPH (Assistant Program Director / Airway Director)
  • Christian Kelly, MD
  • Steven Kohler, MD
  • Ryan Krause, DO
  • Billy Krauss, MD (Assistant Program Director)
  • Jeff Lapoint, DO (Director of Medical Toxicology)
  • Joanna Law-Courter, MD
  • Sari Lahham, MD. Telehealth Lead)
  • Hien Le, MD
  • Brent Lorenzen, MD (Assistant QI Director, Co-Research Lead)
  • Bryan Maltby, MD
  • Jonathan Mau, MD RDMS (Ultrasound)
  • Cameron McFarland, MD
  • Donald Mebust, MD (Clerkship Director, Assistant Chief)
  • Mark Meyer, MD (Simulation Lead)
  • Connie B. Miller, MD
  • Bhavesh Mody, MD
  • David Neison, MD (Disaster Director)
  • So Onishi, MD
  • Elizabeth Owen, MD (Undersea and Hyperbarics)
  • Vanessa Hsieh-Park, MD
  • Angela Pham, MD
  • Matthew Poliakoff, DO
  • Gabe Rose, DO (Ultrasound Division Co-Director)
  • Anthony Salazar, MD (QI Director)
  • Tim Saylor, MD
  • Adam Schwartz, MD (ED Department Chief)
  • Eduardo Serna, MD
  • Christopher Scott, MD (EMS Director)
  • Mashal Shamel, MD
  • Michael Shaheen, MD
  • Michelle Shaprut, MD
  • Matthew Silver, MD (Program Director)
  • James Smithson, MD
  • Jen Soifer, MD
  • Jessica Stern, MD
  • Clifford Swap, MD, MS (Co-Research Lead)
  • Emily Utschig, DO
  • Jon van de Leuv, MD (Resident QI)
  • Jose Vega, MD
  • Pritbir Virk, MD
  • Katy Welker, MD (Toxicology)
  • Cyril Thomas, PA (Wound Care, Global Health)
  • Michael Young, DO (Toxicology)
  • Randall Young, MD, MMM
  • Jon Zackary, MD
  • Reka Zsilinszka, MD