Dermatology Los Angeles Medical Center - Curriculum

Educational Curriculum


Didactic lectures are held daily during lunchtime and occasionally before clinic. Friday morning is dedicated to resident book review.

Literature Review

Each month the department has a Journal club in which interesting articles are discussed, and review of the highlights of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD). Monthly Jeopardy-style reviews are held to review the monthly CME topics published in JAAD.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds takes place once per month in which residents present interesting patient cases with a combination of patient viewings and virtual cases. Each month a guest speaker is invited to give a lecture to the department and additional lectures for the residents during the remainder of the afternoon.


The program has a monthly interdepartmental dermatopathology conference for review of interesting cases. Residents participate in the monthly Los Angeles Metropolitan Dermatological Society meetings, and attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology. Kaiser Permanente has a generous reimbursement policy for presenting residents at conferences.


Sample weekly schedule:

Resident continuity clinicResident continuity clinicDermatopathology+/-Didactics

Resident continuity clinic

Book Review
DidacticsDidacticsDidacticsDidacticsDidactics / Dermatopathology lecture
Resident minor surgery clinic or Attending clinicResident pediatric continuity clinicResident minor surgery clinic or Attending clinicAttending clinicResident continuity clinic


Clinical Curriculum

Medical Dermatology
Residents gain medical dermatology experience through weekly resident continuity clinics and attending clinics. Residents rotate one month per year at City of Hope (COH) for further cutaneous oncology training.

Procedural Dermatology
Residents receive extensive training in dermatologic surgery with weekly minor surgery clinics. Residents have increasing exposure to Mohs micrographic surgery as they advance in their training. PGY4 residents have Mohs surgery 1-2 half-days per week.

Pediatric Dermatology
Residents have a weekly resident pediatric dermatology continuity clinic supervised by one of the staff Pediatric Dermatologists. Residents gain additional experience in pediatric dermatology by rotating at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA).

Residents participate in dermatopathology signouts one half day per week and rotate at Panorama City Dermatopathology annually. In addition, residents receive dermatopathology lectures and quizzes monthly.

Cosmetic dermatology
Monthly resident cosmetic training gives residents the opportunity to practice skills with botulinum toxin, soft tissue augmentation, chemical peels, sclerotherapy, deoxycholic acid, and lasers.

Inpatient Dermatology
Residents cover inpatient consultations at the Kaiser Permanente LAMC. Additionally, they participate on inpatient rounds during the City of Hope and Children’s Hospital rotations.

Outreach and Teaching Opportunities
Residents regularly attend the tattoo removal clinic and free clinic at the Kheir clinic. Senior residents have the opportunity to teach and mentor Family Medicine Residents by supervising a Family Medicine Dermatology clinic.

Third year residents may devote four weeks to a rotation at an outside facility in order to expand experience and benefit future career plans.