Health Policy Elective - FAQ’s

  • What is the Residency Elective in Health Policy (REHP)?

    The REHP is an intensive health policy elective. It aims to orient residents and fellows to the fast changing world of health policy, increase their knowledge of key health policy issues facing their community and the nation, and prepare them to be effective physician-leaders in system-based practice. The elective has two components: First, is a series of web-based learning modules during the month preceding the in-person elective; second, is a two-week intensive, in-person course to take place in various sites around Los Angeles, CA.

  • Who can participate in REHP?

    We invite applications from residents and fellows from all disciplines in KP SoCal and KP NoCal. Participants must be able to clear their schedules during the in-person dates of this course.

  • What will residents/fellows learn in REHP?

    Participants will receive a grounding in key aspects of U.S. health policy, including health economics, public health, quality improvement, value-based care, health disparities, social accountability and other fields. The elective includes site visits to health departments, state and federal agencies, professional associations, and local health policy delivery sites. The course ends with a capstone project designed to mirror real-world challenges in health policy.

  • Why is there an application?

    We expect more applicants than can be accommodated, and we want to enroll those residents and fellows who will benefit most from the course.

  • What is the time commitment for participants?

    The entire time commitment is divided between the two components of the course. The first component, a series of web-based learning modules, will take about 20-hours of residents’ time over the month preceding the in-person component. During the two-week course residents will be expected to engage in in-person activities in and around Los Angeles, from 8am-5pm every day, and participate in some evening lectures and events.

  • What is the application exactly?

    The application consists of three short questions. Additionally, the program director must complete a short survey, supporting the candidate’s participation, confirming they are in good standing, and guaranteeing the necessary release time.

  • If my residents have questions or wish to apply, who do I send them to?

    Please direct people to Nathalie Hart: