Global Health Program - How to Apply

Program Requirements and Application Process

To participate in the Global Health Program residents must meet the following requirements:

  • The resident must be in good standing at their own residency
  • Documented approval from their Residency Program Director
  • Possess medical and travel insurance
  • Possess a valid passport
  • Some electives require the resident be at a PGY2 or higher level and have a valid California Medical License if traveling without Kaiser Permanente staff physicians
  • Present your international clinical elective experience to your residency program upon completion
  • Complete our Pre-Departure Learning Module
  • Must have supervising physician at your away elective site
  • The medical elective abroad must be completed in the academic year of July 2019 through June 2020
  • Complete the online application and provide the following documents


To participate in our Global Health Program it is the resident’s responsibility to self-fund their trip.  You are welcome to research and apply to outside resources for funding as well.  Currently we have ten Global Health stipend ($1,000 per stipend) to award this academic year (August 2019 through June 2020).  Applications are now being accepted until January 10th, 2020 and the ten finalist will be announced by January 20th, 2020.  Stipend winners are based on the merit of their application, current or future awards/grants/scholars received for your trip, and must complete all requirements listed above. The essay questions in your application are weighed heavily, and should be answered thoughtfully. The stipend will not be awarded until all the requirements are met within this academic year, and include the following.

  1. Complete the trip you described in your application between August 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.
  2. Upon completion of the trip you must present on your experience to your fellow classmates during a didactic session.
  3. You must provide itemized travel receipts totaling up to $1000 to Kelly Demski.

If a finalist fails to meet all the requirements within this academic year the stipend will be awarded to a runner-up applicant.

Good luck!

Application For Global Health Elective

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