Lulua Bahrainwala, MD

Medical School: MVP Samaj Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital and Research Center
Residency Training: Emanate Health Family Medicine Residency Program
Other: Living in four different countries growing up- Bahrain, India, Canada and finally the USA, Dr Bahrainwala takes pride in calling herself a global citizen. Adapting to multiple cultures and experiencing four different health systems, it gave her a window into the vast expanse of understanding how priorities in different countries work. After medical school in india and arming herself with a Masters in Global Health Sciences from UCSF, Dr Bahrainwala completed her Family Medicine residency at Emanate Health Family Medicine Residency program, CA as chief resident. During her time there, she was awarded the AAFP Family Medicine Cares Grant to open and run a School Based Adolescent Clinic with an FQHC and was a champion of the Medication Assisted Treatment project for their patients diagnosed with substance abuse disorders at their residency program. She chose to work in this Community Medicine Fellowship to help strengthen her skills of serving her community and furthering medical education, with a special interest in health policy and increasing access to quality healthcare. When she has any leftover free time, she spends it all entertaining her two year old toddler and preparing for another baby on the way. Being the daughter of a travel agent, she loves to travel, and finds any opportunity to see new countries. Her favourite places to travel to have been Rome, Italy and inner-country Turkey. Once COVID-19 is safely controlled, she hopes to travel with her family to New Zealand and explore all the outdoors it has to offer.

Shwesha Govil, DO

Medical School: Touro University, College of Medicine
Residency Training: RUHS/UCR Family Medicine Residency
Other: Shwesha grew up in San Francisco, CA but spent much of her childhood staying with family in India. She graduated from UC Berkeley where she majored in Integrative Biology. After college, Shwesha spent 1 year volunteering as a research assistant at UCSF, helping teach Physiology lab at UCB, and tutoring undergraduate students in the NIH Bridges to Baccalaureate program. She completed her medical degree at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she also obtained a Master’s in Public Health with emphasis in Community Health. She then completed her Family Medicine residency at Riverside University Health System, the Riverside county hospital, where she gained a deeper understanding of the socioeconomic, language, and educational barriers which influence patients’ health literacy and ultimately health outcomes. Through this fellowship, Shwesha hopes to gain more experience in public health and health policy so that she can become a better leader, advocate for improved healthcare delivery, and educator for her patients. In her free time, Shwesha enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new scenic locations, playing basketball, joining Indian dance classes, drawing, and watching movies.

Kerrie Nguyen, MD
Family Medicine, San Diego

Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Residency Training: Kaiser Permanente San Diego
Other: Growing up in an immigrant household where her parents were always at work and knew minimal English, Kerrie had to learn how to navigate the system to access the resources available. That usually entailed taking care of all the paperwork, calling hotlines, and translating for her parents. In the process, she experienced some of the struggles and barriers to healthcare that some of her patients face. Despite well-meaning as doctors because their patients’ health is their priority, sometimes their priorities may not align with the patient. Kerrie recognized that while it may be intuitive for her to see a doctor when she's sick, it may be a luxury that some patients cannot afford with or without healthcare, because a sick day may mean a day of lost wages as she's witnessed with her parents. And so while Kerrie may question why a patient may continue to eat daily fast food despite their health risks or why one would wait until a preventable condition had deteriorated so badly to require hospitalization, she's reminded daily to consider circumstantial factors that may affect each patient, or more broadly, a particular community. Kerrie hopes that by working in and alongside the people in these communities, she will have a better understanding of their needs to not only better serve the patients, but also to become a better clinician in the process. Kerrie is excited and humbled to have the opportunity to hopefully make some sort of lasting impact in the very community that she grew up in.

Elizabeth Pelayo, MD
Pediatrics, Los Angeles

Medical School: Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program
Residency Training: Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles
Other: Elizabeth grew up in North Hollywood, CA and attended UC Berkeley where she majored in Physiology and Metabolism. During her time in undergrad, she was actively involved in diabetes health education on the UCB campus and the surrounding low-income minority communities in Berkeley. After graduating undergraduate school, she worked for 3 years as a clinical research assistant at UCSF and UCLA. Subsequently, she completed her medical degree at Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program. During this time, she participated and helped organize community health fairs. She completed her pediatric residency at KP Los Angeles and she is a current KP Los Angeles community medicine fellow. In the future, she envisions practicing medicine in the low-income, and underserved community where she was raised and where most of her family resides. In addition, she plans to use her native Spanish-speaking skills and her interest in conducting community based research and public health to improve health education and accessibility to medical care in her community. On her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the warm and sunny Los Angeles weather.

Janelle Rodriguez, MD
Family Medicine, Los Angeles

Medical School: UCLA/DREW Medical Education Program
Residency Training: Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles
Other: As the daughter of Cuban political refugees, Janelle is cognizant of the challenges that immigrant families endure when it comes to the assimilation of a new culture, economic instability and language barriers. Janelle is equally sensitive to how these challenges manifest as barriers in achieving health equities and the liberties that financial security can afford. Reflecting on the disparity of healthcare delivery at both an institutional and individual level, ignited her interest in pursuing Medicine. As a career changer, Janelle attended the DREW/UCLA PRIME Medical Education program where the social determinants of health were emphasized regularly within the medically underserved community of SPA-6. She was fortunate to have a plethora of experiences which further motivated a degree in Community Health Sciences at the Fielding School of Public Health. Here she came to understand the long-term implications on health (mental and physical) secondary to societal and environmental distress. Janelle pursued a Family Medicine residency for various reasons: 1) its focus on social justice and social determinants of health 2) its critical role in helping patients navigate a complex healthcare system, 3) its flexibility to collaborate across various disciplines of medicine, and 4) its engagement with patients across a spectrum of ages and disease. While in residency, she further developed an interest in working with marginalized populations, including LGBTQ+ patients and those afflicted by substance use disorders and HIV. Ultimately, she chose to continue her medical training as a community medicine fellow as it will create opportunities to further strengthen her foundations as a clinician, harvest her potential as a patient advocate and grant a track towards HIV medicine specialization.

Anokhi Shah, MD
Family Medicine, Orange County

Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Residency Training: Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine
Other: Anokhi grew up near Chicago and then went to college and medical school in Saint Louis. In Saint Louis, Anokhi became interested in public health and community service. She learned about race relations that were further strained when the events of Ferguson occurred. In medical school, she received a distinction in medical education and was active in the curriculum committee. After medical school,AnokhiI left the midwest to come to Long Beach, CA for her family medicine residency. During residency, Anokhi had the pleasure of working with a diverse population. During this fellowship, she hopes to gain experience as junior faculty and learn more about using community resources to help our underserved patients. Outside of medicine, she enjoys hiking, reading, yoga and drawing.

I-hsiang Shu, MD
Internal Medicine, Los Angeles

Medical School: University of Vermont School of Medicine
Residency Training: Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles
Other: I-hsiang began his professional career as a software developer after receiving an EECS degree from MIT. It was during this time that he realized that he wanted to apply himself in a more meaningful and personal way at which point he began his path towards medicine. He received his MD from the University of Vermont and completed his internal medicine residency training at Kaiser Los Angeles. He has worked at community clinics in Los Angeles as well as mentored students at a local community high school. In this fellowship year, he hopes to connect with patients and the community, focus on the stories and situations that contribute to illness and apply his medical training to better care and advocate for his patients. Additionally, he also hopes to use his prior technology experience to improve healthcare delivery. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two kiddos, and dog, as well as playing tennis and biking.