Kaiser Permanente provides its residents and fellows with a compensation program that is highly competitive in today’s market. We approach salary and benefits as a total compensation package: wage programs, pay practices, paid time off, educational leave, and ancillary benefits such as child and elder care, are all part of a compensation structure that sustains a comfortable quality of life for our residents and fellows.

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Medical and Major Medical

Our excellent comprehensive medical plan includes prescriptions and is provided at minimal cost to you and your dependents. Specific information about your coverage is available when you visit.


Delta Dental plans available.


There are six paid holidays per year.


Each year you receive three weeks of paid vacation and one week of paid educational time per program approval.

Educational Stipend

As a Kaiser Permanente resident and fellow you are eligible for reimbursement for the following educational and license fees incurred while completing your residency with us.

  • USMLE/COMLEX Step 3 Exam
  • California Medical License & Renewal
  • California Postgraduate Training License
  • DEA Certificate (starting in PGY-2)

Each year you are also eligible to receive a $500 reimbursable allowance for educational materials. In the final year of training residents can receive a week of leave and $1,000 professional conference allowance. Your Program Director will discuss how to qualify for reimbursement.

Sick Leave and Disability

Sick leave is provided. Short-term disability insurance is avail­able for a nominal charge through payroll deduction. A parental leave policy has been established.

Malpractice Coverage

Medical malpractice insurance is provided for you by the Southern California Permanente Medical Group.


A meal allowance is provided which covers the cost of most meals.

Coats and Parking

Both are provided for you at our expense.

Sleeping Rooms

Private rooms are provided when you are on call.

Additional Income

Licensed residents can earn additional income with moonlight­ing opportunities available within our medical center with approval by the Program Director.

Current 2019-2020 Salary Structure

$56,923 $58,747 $61,453 $63,879 $66,493 $68,964

2019-2020 Benefit Package At-a-Glance

Salary $56,923 Salary $58,747 Salary $61,453 Salary $63,879
USMLEStep 3 $730 CML $416 Up-To-Date Subscription $150 CML Renewal $805
CMLApplication $493 DEA $731 Educational Materials $500 Up-To-Date Subscription $150
Up-To-Date Subscription $150 Up-To-Date Subscription $150 Educational Materials $500
Educational Materials $500 Educational Materials $500 Professional Conference $1,000